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Christmas Ideas

Christmas baubles What would you like me to show you?

  • Diamonds? Are a girl's best friend
  • Gold is forever
  • An antique watch
  • Writing paper and envelopes, diaries, notebooks, as well as striking leather items in black or red, all strictly Italian!
  • A great place to find items for the dining table, fun napkin rings, linen tablecloths, gorgeous in simple white. I love the strips to go across the table for two people with matching napkins, they make a super present for two.
  • Milan's most celebrated deli for a piece of Parmesan cheese vacuum packed, a special bottle of oil, smoked salmon, Florentine steak, etc. Upstairs there is a selection of teas and coffees (as well as a lovely tea room). The well stocked cellar is, of course, in the basement.
  • A specialist shop for knives, everything for the smoker, pipes, shaving equipment, bottle openers, a fork/spoon "pasta taster" in stainless steel, and many more gift ideas.
  • A huge selection of fountain pens, ballpoint pens, propelling pencils.
  • Venetian glass for glorious colourful vases, objects, and distinctive necklaces.
  • An excellent range of pyjamas, boxer pants, cashmere socks, underwear, belts, etc.
And to celebrate (hopefully) the end of Christmas shopping, we could head straight for a merited glass of Italian spumante…

So, here is to a Happy Christmas!

The Milan January sales start January 7, 2008 - you have been warned!